What We Do

The BETTY Effect is a new organization committed to fostering self-advocacy to advance social change. Partnering with established organizations and the US Department of State, The BETTY Effect creates musical events and tailors performance-based discussions for invited groups to promote self-expression, daring discovery, and strong community cohesion. The goal of The BETTY Effect is to help people find their voice and share it effectively, especially women and girls, the LGBTQ community, and arts activists, worldwide.

Long known for performing “SoConPop” – socially conscious generally upbeat modern music, like the theme song for the groundbreaking hit tv series about alternative love and lifestyles “The L Word” and the girl power anthem “It Girl” – the band BETTY’s primary focus has been relational, social and economic rights.  Whether performing concert tours, presenting at colleges and Universities or working with organizations sharing similar goals, like the MS Foundation, Planned Parenthood, National Public Radio, The Human Rights Campaign, the Democratic National Committee, the AFL-CIO, The Ford Foundation, Voters for Choice, NARAL and scores of others; and corporations including Apple, Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble and more, BETTY has been able to spread messages of health, equality and empowerment to millions of listeners worldwide for close to three decades. While music alone cannot change the world, The BETTY Effect recognizes that it is a proven powerful tool that has motivated social justice movements through history by breaking down barriers, building bridges, lifting defeated spirits and creating the environment for change through passionate expression. The BETTY Effect engages members of organizations to reinforce their messaging. The BETTY Effect exists to enrich lives, inspire and connect people and build community worldwide.